Internal team

Our internal team handles the operation, finance and administration of all projects. We handle every project with a very customized experience to enjoy a beautiful expansion journey.  

CMC® Consultants

Our execution team is comprised of certified management consultants who high level expertise in six functional areas: strategy, finance, human resources, operations, sales & marketing, information and technology. Our execution team's role is to implement the strategy by the book and report any deviation when fluctuations arise. 

External experts

Our external experts are industry specific professionals in different fields such as financial services, real estate, insurance, retail, F&B. The experts work in full alignment with the business plan initiated and approved with the client. 

Strategic alliances

Our strategic alliances are our complementary experts who optimize the execution of the strategy from all its angles: legal, audit, marketing and ERP software come on top of the list. Of course other alliances are open for other professionals where a complete solutions are needed for bigger projects. Examples include investment, wealth management, event management, artificial intelligence, etc.  

Dedicated coordinators

Our coordinators get assigned for every project upon needs to ensure full time dedication to the implementation of big projects. Their role is to act as a point of contact to consolidate the info, communicate internally and keep the project status always up to date.