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EXPAND is a strategy execution firm helping small and medium enterprises with high potential to expand to higher levels. Our scope of work includes continuous assessments, planning, implementation, training & development and constant follow up to ensure results are met. Workflow and performance are instantly measured through proper ERP automation.

We provide comprehensive full management system from strategy, sales & system so that we help CEOs and business owners manage the operation and grow the business over the long term. Our team will work with you to develop a business plan, manage your budget, and implement an expansion plan to help you achieve your goals. With long-term contracts and success fees, we're fully invested in your growth and committed to delivering results. We also tailored a wealth management process to analyze your wealth, recommend solutions to get better returns on your assets and manage your desired investments in a very meticulous and transparent approach. 

We believe that this focus on strategic management will allow us to better serve our clients and help them achieve even greater success. Our updated process will help you grow the business, achieve a better work like balance and plan for a better retirement. Every move will be instantly monitored through technology and reports which you could access from your mobile at any point in time. 

We build and implement strategies to help you expand your business and your wealth. 

Every business owner has the ability to expand the business to another level and make a big difference in the market. We have 20 years of practical experience in implementing strategies from A to Z. Our role is to assist the business focusing on the operation while we take care of the internal and the market expansion in alignment with the related stakeholders.  We support business owners and high net worth individuals in expanding their wealth and return on investments through tailor made approaches and meticulous follow up in investment, business and succession planning. 

What do we do:

- Wealth strategies: creating and analyzing business owners and High Net Worth Individuals' (HNWI) balance sheet, income statement and setting strategies to optimize their wealth and their business. A complete system that will help in the fair wealth succession including trust, tax saving and developing the next generation as per the grantor's instructions.

Business assessments could include: financial analysis, people assessment, workflow diagnosis, SWOT analysis, competition analysis, HR needs, sales & marketing assessment.

Business planning based on the assessment results could be used as a road map for the business, budgeting and to request funding from investors and banks. Planning could also be used for franchising, mergers and acquisitions as well as succession planning. 

Business support tasks include digital and admin support like creation of forms, checklists and templates, newsletters, setting up digital platforms and other administrative tasks, finding the right experts (lawyer, auditor, marketer, etc.) and following up with them regarding the extra tools to be created (Agreements, CRM, ERP, videos, e-learning platform, digital campaign, etc.).

Business consulting sessions include one on one meeting for assessment, brainstorming, developing strategies and advanced training. High end strategies available for big expansion cases that need full attention. 

Business training: Tailor-made training & development to optimize the productivity of the team in personal development, sales & customer service, strategic planning and management skills for the key people. Not only we deliver quality content based on proven experience, but we also develop internal training academies to standardize the flow of information among all team members. 

Our Purpose:

The road to success is a bumpy one. Those who are determined enough aim high and have the will to expand against all odds. Since the world is changing at an incredibly high pace, an expert's opinion has become inevitable.

With us, you gain an extra brain for a second opinion, an extra heart for a more passionate expansion, and an extra hand for going above and beyond. We simply tailor our approaches then offer the latest tools in sales, planning, and development to expand productivity and profitability.

Our priorities are to improve your cash flow, provide you with flexible strategies that fit today's market, and help you become virtually present.

-Without assessment and planning, the entrepreneurial journey would be vague.
-Without practical training, the real world would defeat your theoretical one.
-Without management and follow-up, nothing would be achieved flawlessly and on time.

Top motives to work with us:

  • Starting a new business
  • Acquiring investors
  • Requesting bank loans or credit facilities
  • Restructuring the existing business
  • Expanding locally and/or internationally
  • Preparing and selling the franchise
  • Acquiring an international brand
  • Valuing the company
  • Planning family succession & trust funds
  • Obtaining mergers and acquisitions
  • Adapting the business model
  • Introducing new products & services
  • Selling and managing from a distance
  • Wealth management services to ensure a decent retirement and inheritance.

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