A project created by a joint venture between PROMD- GROUP LTD, EXPAND & LEGACY BUILDERS with the marketing partner FeerMCqueen and VExpo (By Creapix)


                • Attract Business People from around the world to invest in Cyprus, Greece, UAE and Lebanon

                • Open the doors to New Business Opportunities, Financial services and Real Estate investment

                • Exhibit existing businesses and network with Potential Distributors, Agents, Franchisees and Partners 

                • Own New Assets as diversified alternatives due to Economic Turmoil in Lebanon and the region

                • Provide the necessary grounds for Legal and Financial support to Business People

                PLATFORM CORE

                • Virtual Online Exhibition (V-Expo) with live translation to Greek, English and Arabic  

                • Hybrid Webinars (Live and Online) moderated by Experts panel discussions

                • Business Networking Trips

                • Professional Website for featured products and replays of webinars and workshops

                TARGET AUDIENCE

                • Business people around the World in need of new income, liquidity and investment backup sources

                • Focal Campaign Targeting Lebanese Business People residing in Lebanon, GCC countries and Africa seeking to expand abroad through diversified investments 

                CAMPAIGN PROCESS

                • 50 million Exposure Reach:  Online Exposure via Massive Growth Marketing Campaign on social media and specific Websites.

                • 5 million Potential Business People:  Filtered through Segmented campaign. Qualified through Landing page and Questionnaires

                • 5,000 – 10,000 Visitors to Main Platform and V-Expo:  1,000-3,000 Attendees per each Hybrid Webinar. Moderated panels with Sponsors, in person and aired online

                • Physical Networking Trips Delegation:  50 attendees per visit. Trip moderated in person discussions with many entities

                For more information, to sponsor this event or to exhibit your business, please contact us at:
                rio@promd-group.com ; +357 95568425 / +357 96116535 
                Visit our official website www.rio-opportunities.com