A project created by a joint venture between PROMD- GROUP LTD, EXPAND & LEGACY BUILDERS with the marketing partner FeerMCqueen and VExpo (By Creapix)


                • Attract Business People from around the world to invest in Cyprus, Greece, UAE and Lebanon

                • Open the doors to New Business Opportunities, Financial services and Real Estate investment

                • Exhibit existing businesses and network with Potential Distributors, Agents, Franchisees and Partners 

                • Own New Assets as diversified alternatives due to Economic Turmoil in Lebanon and the region

                • Provide the necessary grounds for Legal and Financial support to Business People

                PLATFORM CORE

                • Virtual Online Exhibition (V-Expo) with live translation to Greek, English and Arabic  

                • Hybrid Webinars (Live and Online) moderated by Experts panel discussions

                • Business Networking Trips

                • Professional Website for featured products and replays of webinars and workshops

                TARGET AUDIENCE

                • Business people around the World in need of new income, liquidity and investment backup sources

                • Focal Campaign Targeting Lebanese Business People residing in Lebanon, GCC countries and Africa seeking to expand abroad through diversified investments 

                CAMPAIGN PROCESS

                • 50 million Exposure Reach Online Exposure via Massive Growth Marketing Campaign on social media and specific Websites.

                • 5 million Potential Business People Filtered through Segmented campaign. Qualified through Landing page and Questionnaires

                • 5,000 – 10,000 Visitors to Main Platform and V-Expo 1,000-3,000 Attendees per each Hybrid Webinar. Moderated panels with Sponsors, in person and aired online

                • Physical Networking Trips Delegation 50 attendees per visit. Trip moderated in person discussions with many entities

                For more information, to sponsor this event or to exhibit your business, please contact us at:
                rio@promd-group.com ; +357 95568425 / +357 96116535